The Starco Group


Private label manufacturing since 1924.

We offer private label solutions for some of the country’s largest brands and biggest retailers. Whether you’re looking for a product that measures up to the national brand, or an innovative product or package that helps bolster the category, we’ll work with you on the solution. We manufacture aerosol, liquid fill and bulk fill products across an incredibly diverse range of categories including:


Household & Laundry
Air care & Disinfectants
Seasonal Arts & Crafts
Outdoor, Garden & Insecticides

The Starco Group has the product portfolio and national infrastructure to service your entire private label needs. 



Through our Mission Laboratories and Four Star Chemical divisions we produce personal care cosmetic products servicing the janitorial, institutional, health care, hospitality and consumer markets.  From soaps, to body washes to shampoo the portfolio here is deep.  Through our BOV Solutions partnership we produce all personal care FDA and OTC products including alcohol, mineral and plant based sunscreens, sunburn relief, hand and body creams and lotions, shave gels, facial scrubs, depilatory products, wound care and first aid, nasal and ear spray, anti-itch, baby and diaper rash care and organic insecticides and pet care.



Through our partnership with BOV Solutions and Temperance Distilling we can provide all your food aerosol and beverage needs.  From commodity pan spray both oil and water, to high end Bag on Valve cooking oils to sprayable balsamic vinaigrettes, our USDA facility and has the most diverse offering in the industry.  Including, Olive, Grape, Peanut, Palm, Avocado, Sunflower, Sesame, Flaxseed, Walnut and Pistachios oils.  Also through BOV Solutions we have pioneered and patented the first ever cold brewed coffee concentrate in an aerosol providing unprecedented freshness and flavor on the go where ever you are.  Two squirts into cold or hot water and fresh coffee from farm to cup in one shot.  Through our partnership with Temperance Distilling, we possess the warm or chilled compounding, blending and canning or bottle filling infrastructure to take your product from concept to full national distribution.


With full aerosol and liquid fill manufacturing in at our Four Star Chemical plant in Los Angeles we produce every consumer and janitorial product in these verticals, including laundry, household, air care, insecticides, plumbing and drain care, We produce traditional compliant hydrocarbon aerosol products as well as cutting edge water based powered by air aerosols and Bag on Valve aerosols also powered by air.


We produce a wide variety of air care technologies in many of our facilities.  We provide products designed for health care, commercial, institutional, hospitality and consumer channels.  From traditional aerosols to air powered from solvent based to water based organic products, when it comes to solving your air care issues we have the R&D, product portfolio and national manufacturing and distribution foot print to exceed your needs.


Together with our partner Temperance Distilling in Detroit, we possess an incredibly diverse wine and spirits infrastructure carrying all Federal distilling, wine, bulk import and wholesaler licenses.  Our bonded warehousing services allow you to lean on us inclusive of bulk and aged barrel receiving and storage, barrel aging, aging consolidation and on site wet and dry storage.  The facility is USDA organic and Kosher certified.  With cutting edge R&D, multi-product manufacturing, we have the overall operating assets to service all your private label wine and spirit needs.  We have segregated flammable distilling and processing with multi layered filtration producing a wide variety of wine and spirit products.  We fill 50ml bottles and up to any size, pouch manufacturing, cup and shot filling, whip cream aerosol production, carbonation and bag in box filling. 


Through our Four Star Chemical division we manufacture a very diverse and complete line of arts and crafts aerosol paints and adhesives.  From easy wash paints to a broad spectrum of colored sparkle coatings our portfolio is distributed by large brands in the broader retail and arts and crafts market. 


Through our Four Star Chemical division we manufacture the most complete line of DIY and hardware chemicals and aerosols in the US.  With an award winning paint and coatings lab and production facility our aerosol spray paints are distributed on a national and international basis.  Our aerosol adhesive portfolio is exploited by some of the largest brands in the vertical. Our line covers everything from lubricants to degreasers, waterless washes to rust and corrosion maintenance.  DIY and hardware chemicals and aerosols are a deep core competency that allows our clients to have a full turnkey line with multiple manufacturing locations to pull from.


With an extremely broad knowledge of the EPA and FIFRA, we understand the regulatory requirements for developing and supporting the channel.  From our Mission Laboratories janitorial and food service division to our EPA facility at our Four Star Chemical plant, we produce a broad range of EPA registered disinfectants, insecticides and coatings with national distribution. From toxicology to efficacy, we manage a diverse base of disinfection and preventative registered and organic products to suit your sanitizing preventative needs.  We service the consumer, janitorial, healthcare, institutional and restoration markets.


Through our Four Star Chemical division we manufacture an all-encompassing line of automotive and motorcycle chemicals and are prime in the channel.  With nations most favored pricing in brake parts, carb, air filter, chain lube and engine cleaning aerosols to automotive undercoatings and a complete line of automotive spray paints, we have the portfolio and production facilities to service all your private label needs.


Through our Missional Laboratories division and Four Star Chemical division, we are the largest janitorial and food service aerosol and bulk liquid fill chemical supplier in the US.  Our jan/san line covers every product category in the vertical and is widely private labeled nationally and internationally.


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