About Us

The Starco Group is a diversified chemical manufacturing conglomerate with a focus in industrial, commercial and consumer products.  The Starco Group operates chemical manufacturing businesses in commercial aerosol, bulk packaging, coatings, adhesives, janitorial, consumer and personal care products.

The Starco Group operates with the mandate that environmentally destructive approaches to problem solving in any industry are no longer viable.  We have pioneered leading-edge technologies that have broken ground in the sectors we are active in.

The Starco Group organically commercializes new technology and looks to acquire businesses that have a parallel vision in our industry.  From design, to R&D, to development, to pilot and scaled up production, The Starco Group has the overall operating assets to service a wide array of technologies that excel globally.

For over 40 years, The Starco Group has grown to be a leader in the chemical manufacturing sector in California.  We are thrilled about the future of providing environmentally awake solutions that exceed the current performance norms and look ahead to a continued path of excellence.